August 29, 2012


Wearing: Splendid Army Jacket, Melissa Araujo Top, American Apparel Zipper Shorts,  New leather Boot, and Brandy Melville Necklace

Army green is one of the few colours I will wear, without feeling weird about it. It all started because my bf  after all was in the Army when we first met, I have always been one to borrow my brothers clothes and it wasn't going to stop with the bf. He hates it when he is looking for something and he can't find it, now he knows it is already in my closet. Also, I ordered a new pair of booties online from Choies, I waited impatiently for them to arrive. Oh my God, now that they are here I don't want to wear anything but them. Real leather, and it makes me feel like a certified bad ass. What do you guys think?

I usually only do one post a week, but I was so excited to share with you all, my feature on American Apparel's - "Seen and Submitted"; click here to see it. I just couldn't wait for another week. The coolest part is that I did not submit it; the PR team "bumped" into my blog. If you don't already know, my closet is made up of 50% AA clothing, I just make sure to wear it my way.

August 20, 2012


Wearing: American Apparel Chiffon Top, DIY Skirt, Aldo Heels and Club Monaco Sunnies

Yesterday I woke up to a lovely surprise by fellower blogger & artist FAIIINT, aka Stephanie. She had a beautiful post about sharing the love and inspiration of other bloggers. I am honoured that she featured me on her blog, amongst other cool girls. Kind words. Check it out here

With that sense of sharing art and potential in mind, I decided to go shoot in this back alley. It has cool street art all over the walls. Support Art in any form, that's what I believe. I try to find inspiration everywhere; from high end streets to smelly back alleys like this.

 I was browsing through BlackSheep 's blog and I saw a cut off skirt she feautured. Since then, I have been looking around, trying to get my hands on one (it really speaks of my style and personality: minimalistic with some edge) but I couldn't find one anywhere...What is a girl to do? If you are anything like me, you won't rest until you have what you want. I went second hand shopping and found this white skirt for $6 bucks; a pair of scissors, some sewing, and voila my own budget version. I love it! I paired it with my latest purchase from American Apparel, their chiffon crop top.

August 06, 2012


WEARING: Oak and Fort Mesh Sweater, American Apparel Cycle Shorts, Nike Bra, Louis Vuitton Bag and Aldo Shoes.

Ufff what a week and a half this has been. Busy, busy, busy. Finally a day off and I got to spend it with cool friends, watching some fire works on a roof top; drinking wine and over indulging with multi grain chips - life of a superstar girl! In between going from one place to the next I was able to take these photos in a parking lot. I must look sketchy because someone called a security guard on me for looking "suspicious" - Seriously?! Was it the high heels, the mesh top or the cycling shorts that made you think I was up to no good? Well, I guess their suspicions were kind of right, this look was inspired by none one other then Kate Moss. This photo of her was taken by Terry Richardson and has been my screen saver for a while. Here is to wishing that I was as bad, I mean as good as Kate; and that Terry Richardson was my personal photographer. Meow!