June 25, 2012


WEARING: American Apparel Leisure Shorts and Oversized Tee, Ralph Lauren Blazer, Club Monaco Sunnies and Le Mare Heels
Photos by Jeffrey Nicholls

I am sure that you have all notice by now that there is a lack of colour in my wardrobe; I appreciate colour, more so in art, life and other things though. Somehow black, greys and white speaks more to who I am than any colour or print put together. I have just always been this way. I don't need the extra attention colourful outfits tend to get. I have worn colour before (believe it or not) to please a certain boy or two (yes I had my weak moments) but now I fully know who I am and what I want to represent. Obviously for my work in design I have to be open-minded, which I am. I have worked, and made many garments/paintings in colour as well as worked with lots of prints for projects and clients.

I am really riding this "Sporty Chic" trend as much as I can, it is easy and comfy. Not many people where I live understand what I am wearing; I love their faces when they look stare at me with confusion written all over them. I get the giggles on the inside. Why not?! Let's all be different, love our style and ideas as we are and not have the intent to please anyone but ourselves, let it be in techno-colours, neon or solids.

June 11, 2012


WEARING: Zara Blazer, American Apparel Top, Vintage Leather Skirt, Moroccan Leather Bag, Dolce Vita Heels and Ray Ban Sunnies
I went to an exposition for Henry Matisse, a French painter who is regarded as a master in the expression of colour and drawing, his buddies were Picasso and Duchamp (I can just imagine their encounters and conversations). I enjoyed the venue, all his paintings and bronze sculptures. I also got to see an original Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe repetition art piece. After the show we went to drink sangria and eat some delicious Japanese tapas. This is what I wore, can't ever go wrong in black and white. Congratulations to Jacqueline, who was the Giveaway winner!!

June 06, 2012


WEARING: All Melissa Araujo, and Jeffrey Campbel Shoes.

Here is the editorial for the Slate Collection, I call it "Dark Shadows". Shadows fascinate me, it is the reflection of oneself.

"Imagination is the real and eternal world of which this plain universe is but a faint shadow" W. Blake
"I thought the most beautiful thing in the world must be shadow" Sylvia Plath

June 01, 2012


WEARING: American Apparel V-Neck Top and Leisure Trousers, Zara Blazer, Club Monaco Leather Clutch, Dior Heels and Ray Ban Sunglasses

Photos by Jeffrey Nicholls

Some days I just want to feel comfy and relaxed, in these moments I wear my tri-blend V-neck and matching leisure pants from American Apparel. I am telling you, it is like wearing your pj's out, literally. All you need to do is throw on a blazer, a pair of heels and voila, you are ready. I am still trying not to wear so much black and "lighten up" my wardrobe for Spring and Summer. No guarantees. I love black, but will try to concentrate on greys and whites (see how long that will last). Also, don't forget to enter my giveway here