February 27, 2012


Goodbye Asia, hello UK!  I mean goodbye sun, hello cold!  Leaving the Phillipines was not an easy thing to do, such a beautiful country and the weather was just perfect; but I was persuaded by the fact I would get to see a few cool girlfriends who offered me wine, berries and love in return.  I had some problems getting in to the country, the customs personnel did not believe that I was who I claimed to be, I almost pulled the "What you don't read my blog"?   But then I remembered I am not Fashion Toast nor Bryan Boy.

Once inside the country I had a great time.  I got to visit a lot of cool neighbourhoods, my favourite was Bricklane, where I took photos of the amazing street art around. Another great thing about this area was the amount of choices for vintage shops and boutiques. UNIQUE is the word to describe this place and the people who hang out there.  In London it is important to look the part, to express oneself through art, music and of course fashion. You can feel it as you walk down the streets and catch the tube, most people have spot on style, I was in awe.  Thanks Raekha for hosting, showing me around and taking these lovely photos at the Hoxton Station on such a cold day. Check her out here. Also Neicia for being a great co-hostess.

WEARING: JNBY Blazer, H&M Jumper,  Forum (Brasil) Skinny Jeans, Hasbeens Clogs, Leather Bag. Mink Fur Hat courtesy of Raekha.

February 23, 2012


The term "It's the journey, not the destination" does not apply when speaking of the Palawan Underground River.  First we travelled by land, a 2 hour bumpy ride then a 20 minute boat ride(that feels like a lifetime) but once you do get there, somehow all is forgiven.  It is truly a wonder, and so interesting to go inside the cave, see the rock formations, watch the bats and most of all just take it all in.  We all had to wear orange lifejackets, helmets and get into tiny blue boats.  The fresh air and water are beyond words.  This place was just voted one of the New 7 Natural Wonders of the world. It is breathtaking. My pictures just don't do it justice. Amazing travel!

February 20, 2012

Money Changer

Manila is a city full of contradictions.  Many of the locals were completely chill and laid back, while others were all about the business game.  Small motorized tricycles mingled with big cars filling the lanes and there were tons of banks and the almost ghetto like mini banking system all over town.

I loved this tiny street by our hotel, it was filled by money changer stores and locals selling coconut water, trying to hustle any way possible.  It was quite the event taking these photos, kids and adults alike stopped whatever they were doing to watch, and cheer me on...  I feel awkward when people watch me do things; I danced for many years but never invited anyone to my recitals, as I wouldn't be able to perform in front of them.  I tried to see the funny side of things to be able to take these photos, I figured it would give them something to talk about for the day.

Later in the day I treated myself to some alcoholic beverages and we had a fantastic 3 course meal. Did I mention the amazing real freshly squeezed and blended pineapple juice with rum?  Oh yeah that had me at hello...be mine.

WEARING: Alexander Wang Top, JNBY Blazer, Melissa Araujo Mesh Leggings( New Collection) Ray Bans, Jeffrey Campbell Shoes and Club Monaco Chain Necklace.
Photos by Jeffrey Nicholls

February 16, 2012

Pas de Regrets

No Regrets: Beautiful ocean, great company and amazing sunsets. I feel at home when the weather is +37 C, a bathing suit, sunglasses, and a drink a few drinks in hand.

WEARING: American Apparel One Piece Bathing Suit and Ray Bans.
Photos by Jeffrey Nicholls and myself <3

February 12, 2012

Ugly Shoes are a Global Issue

I spent most of my days at the beach, barefoot and without a care in the world.  Here in Manila, things are not so laid back, it is go go go or you will get hit by the next car or motorcycle.  We went around some open shopping malls, did some powershopping and finally stopped and had a lovely dinner (I devoured the vegetarian Tofu Pad Thai!) with some wine.

I wanted to mention the shoes I am wearing in this post, because like me the girl who designed the shoes is an independent designer, her work is great.  They are all made in Spain and with such love. Her brand is About Arianne, she is young, she is modern and she is petit.

Wearing: H&M Asymetrical Jumper and Hat, Forum Skinny Jeans(from Brasil), Maria Eduarda Chocker, Ray Bans and About Arianne's shoes
Photos by Jeffrey Nicholls

February 09, 2012

Ariel's Point

Boracay Island has a lot to offer.  My friend Kiks recommended we take a day trip and visit Ariel's point.  She said it is "the perfect place for the adrenaline junkie"; Which I am not, but the bf is.  Sometimes you take one for the team, and in this case I clearly did.  I survived an hour and a half  boat ride (I am a motion sickness kinda girl) and I am also affraid of heights (Ariel's point is all about diving 15 meters free of equipment, into the deep ocean).  This island hopping was out of my comfort zone but while the bf was finding the primate instinct in him, I found myself a hammock and a  few drinks.  Opposites attract, no doubt!

Wearing: Club Monaco Silk Scarf , American Apparel Bathing Suit and Ray Bans.
Photos by Jeffrey Nicholls and myself <3

February 05, 2012


Pretty much no words needed in this post. I will let the images do the talking. I loved Boracay, here is why...