January 30, 2012


WEARING: Zara Chiffon Jumper, JNBY Blazer, Mink Pink Shorts, Jeffrey Campbells Shoes, Ray Ban's Sunglasses

I have so much to be thankful for.  This year is already bright and full of new things.  I am in love with the Philippines.  This day in Boracay was wonderful.  We spent it at the beach, then got ready to go see the sunset, have drinks and a delicious dinner at the Shangri-La resort.  I can't tell you how wonderful the day & night was.  Best anniversary date ever.  I am high on life right now.  It feels good not have to worry about winter jackets, boots, triple layers or if I am going to freeze with my outfits(which most likely I would).  In Asia, less is better. Travel