October 26, 2011

Holga & Fujica Mes Amis

Some exciting projects happening here in Spain. This was my first shoot in Europe, I met Joe Wray, photographer and artist from London based in Barcelona. We hit it off right away at a Masquarade party I went to, talking away about Art, Fashion and the impact of media in the world. We decided to meet again for a shoot. This time out of my element, no digital cameras. He introduced me to Holga and Fujica. It was love at first sight and we went around Barcelona all day, not only shooting but drinking Sangrias, talking, eating and sightseeing. It was quite the experience. I was nervous to see the results because the whole time I had no idea if we had even one good shot. I was scared I would be blinking or making funny faces. It was a great challenge not knowing what you have until you develop the film. There is something special about film and the whole process of understading light, shadows and the waiting game of seeinf the final result. I am wearing one of my new designs, this dress can be worn  4 different ways (oh yeah!) but this is my favourite version. My new collection is coming out soon. Here is a sneak preview on my favourite garment, I am kinda obsessing over this piece, it is so easy to wear.
Wearing: Melissa Araujo Dress, American Apparel Bra, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Dalia Eduarda Neckalce and H&M High Heels
Photos by Joe Wray

October 21, 2011

Basilique Sainte Sophie

This day consisted of exploring Istanbul most famous Mosque, the St. Sophia Basilic. It was built in 360 AD ,two fires destroyed the building but twice it was rebuilt. The Emperor at the time employed someone who was not only a skilled mathematician, but also someone who also was artistic. St Sophia exults in an indescribable beauty, amazing art all over the walls and a sense of extraordinary is in the air. I was in awe the whole time. Beautiful Catholic paintings mixed with different Muslim writings. World collides and yet it is so peaceful and mighty in there. One of the best buildings I have ever seen so far. Yes I am a geek, History was my favourite subject in high school, I love it.
Wearing: Club Monaco Top, American Apparel High Waist shorts, Longchamp Bag, Ray Ban Sunglasses

October 16, 2011

Sable et la Mer.

Humm where to start, everytime I am going to post something new my heart gets a rush; a rush from wanting to share all the wonderful things I have been seeing, and living. But I also get this weird feeling from thinking if anyone even read or care I am posting/blogging. A way to express one's self is always a welcoming process, it puts into perspective what you have today or lacked a few months ago and with that thought in mind I do another post.
Right now I have an immense freedom that I have not had a chance to experiment for a while. My mind and personal time can be more in tune, and it is not to say I am just hanging out over here in Europe. That is not the case, I have a job, I am learning about Spanish Art, also working on my latest project, and sightseeing. I was having a Brooke Shields day in the middle of dunes and ocean:
WEARING: Gap Men Shirt, American Apparel High Waist Shorts and Vintage Sunglasses
Photos by Jeffrey Nicholls

October 09, 2011

Want Feature

I was really excited when Eliza Nguyen contacted me to do an interview for Want Magazine. We met up in a sunny afternoon and talked about my designs, dreams and future aspirations. It was a great day for catching up and enjoy being outside. Please click here if you want to read the interview.Thank you Eliza and the Want Magazine team for giving unknown designers a place to speak their minds and show their work.

October 01, 2011


Wearing:  Melissa Araujo and Cyeoms

I have been meaning to post this wonderful project I did with the talented Designer, Model and Stylist Crystal aka Crystal Eyes. But had not the proper time as I have been travelling and living in hotels; where the internet connections have not been the best. I waited until now to post it. I am very proud of this work, this is a sneak peek into my newest collection, and it was also the first time that I saw CY's latest collection. It was so nice to spend an afternoon with her and our lovely photographers Kyran Yeomans and David Innanen (THANK YOU!). Check her shop here, she "does" men and women's clothing. It is a double win. Here is the feature of our collaboration in her blog as well.