April 26, 2011

L' Horizon Nouvel

I have partnered up with 2 talented Brasilian born-Canadian based photographers Trichestadiello to do a couple of different shoots for my blog, and for their website. They are such amazing, kind and creative people. We went downtown to Coal Harbour, for a nice inspiring stroll and had the best time, talking about fashion, photography and blogging.

With a wide-comfy scarf wrapped around my neck, my hair up in a bun, and my trademark black ensemble, I faced the cool afternoon filled with the utmost happiness, as the sunshine was really out! This afternoon was so fun and lovely. To finish we went to a Brasilian restaurant to eat pao de queijo (cheese balls) and  drank Guarana (the best pop in the world)! These pictures totally captured my mood - as I paid tribute to Spring and the magic of the sun. Thank you Francis and Bruno for taking part in the adventure and catching the moment through your lenses.

Wearing: Vintage Jeans Jacket, JNBY Black Shirt Dress, Ellery Lane custom made scarf and American Apparel tights and socks.

April 11, 2011

Los Angeles

Nothing like a get away with a good friend. My advice to you is to never think too much if someone invites you to go somewhere: Just do it. This was one of those trips, my friend Carrie called me up one night and said "Let's go to LA"  I thought for about 5 minutes and said "Ok, let's do it!" It was my first time there and I quite enjoyed myself, we ate in lots of good places and went out at night to even cooler spots. Of course being the tourist that I am, I had to hit some of the usual places otherwise it woudn't have been LA. We went to Rodeo Drive, Bel Air, Melrose Ave, the Kodak Theater, and the Hollywood Hills. We visited a few beaches, shopped and the highlight of my trip was taking a road trip to go and hang out at Venice Beach (Yes I am a Lord's of Dogtown fan). I didn't run into Britney Spears or Nicole Ritche but it was a great mini vacation filled with sightseeing, pool parties and good company. Here are some of the snaps I took while in LA. I recommend if you are ever there to go eat an organic brunch at The Urth Caffe  and for a nice dinner go to Sur. I loved both of them. Thank you Mel, Adam and Drea for showing us around.

April 09, 2011


I am working on my new collection, it feels good to be back at it. I am in the process of designing all the pieces. Next, I will be making the patterns and all the samples. It is such a creative process with plenty of  ups and downs; trying to make time for everything else I want (and have) to do. I can't wait to have all the pieces done and ready for a photo shoot, but that's a whole other project months away, sometimes I get ahead of myself. I forget how much you get done when your boyfriend is not around, I am not complainting but when he is here all I want to do is hang out, as soon as he leaves I miss him but I get busy right away and back at late nights; immersed in my work designing, sketching and painting. Insomnia comes in hand when you are having a creative flow, not so much when you are overtired and needing some sleep. Lately somehow I can't get any.

I am wearing tuxedo crop jacket by Forever 21, American Apparel Sexuality shirt, Forum jeans and Longchamp bag

April 06, 2011

Dans le quartier

Here I was thinking Spring and Summer were around the corner, let me tell you I was wrong. The only good thing about this cold is that it makes wearing my fur a necessity. It is hard for me to enjoy the Winter, being from Brasil where the sand white beaches with green palm trees were my regular hang out. Everything changed since my move to North America, the weather, culture, food and even the most simple things like language. Over the years I have come to appreciate the differences between both countries BUT I still like it hot (real hot!). Life is an adventure, some people face and chase it, others wait. I like to think I am a self empowered person who always takes a chance on chance, who follows dreams and tries new things while keeping true to myself. I had the pleasure to meet someone else with the same attributes, thirst for life and knowledge. She took these photos of me in a cold day while we shared some tea and memories. Thank you and Happy birthday V.
Photos by Vanessa Hong
Wearing: Vintage Fur Jacket, American Apparel leggings, Sans Souci Cropped knitted sweater & Urban Outfitters t-shirt

April 02, 2011

The Haute Pursuit Vente

It is that time of the year where you open your closets and try to clean up, minimize it so it can get  refilled as spring and summer blossom. My friend Vanessa is moving to China in 10 days for new experiences and needs room in her luggage. We are having a Yard sale hosted by me, feel free to spread the word, share the poster, and if you can't make it let your friends know: Killer pieces for sale.
There will also be some cup cakes yummmm. Poster done by the super talented Quan <3