March 28, 2011

Elle n'est pas là par Quan Mai

Creativity is a force that takes you over, if you don't have it, you can't fake it! I had the privilege of working with such a force, his name is Quan Mai, aka Genetic boi. He is a do it all artist. Not only is he the Creative Director, he was the photographer, stylist and make up artist. Did I mention he edited and retouched all his photos?  I am glad to call him my friend and an inspiration to get my art and designs out there. He flew from New York here to do one last shoot with his muse and friend Vanessa Hong before she moves to China. It was a great week hanging out, lots of laughter, food and insights. I had the pleasure of being involved in 2 shoots with the both of them. Vanessa is such a natural model, the camera loves her. I was the Creative Assitant and one of my designs was used(she is wearing it in the first 2 photos). Watch out everyone this shoot is fierce, creative and intelligent with a touch of sadness:
Model: Vanessa Hong 

Photography - Retouch & Editing - Text -
Hair & Makeup - Styling - Art Direction: Quan Mai

Creative Assistant: Melissa Araujo

Behind the scenes:

Quan in the zone working his magic and I was doing the last touch ups.
If you want to see the second amazing shoot check out Quan's blog

March 26, 2011

Journée Ensoleillée

The weather continues to improve and with that so does my mood. It is nice to wake up to sunny mornings and no rain. My bike is all tuned up and off I'll go. My boyfriend is home to visit for 5 days, it's really exciting to see him again and hang out like "normal" couples do.

March 20, 2011


WEARING: American Apparel and a JNBY hat in all of the photos.
Today is the first day of allergies are off the hook, but the sun is out and I am happy. I love sunshine like you woud not believe, that's what being from Brasil does to you. I am immune to the heat, I love being hot and under the sun. These pictures make me miss the Summer...but one step at a time, today is  only the beginning of Spring, Summer will be right around the corner. All pictures were taken in Victoria at the end of last August.